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Dogday Karate YouTube Channel

Dogday Karate is a YouTube channel that showcases dozens of carefully-executed katas and features a collection of remarkable sparring exchanges caught on camera during tournaments held by the Toronto Academy of Karate

Training Tools

Keep your katas well-practiced with the help of our Routine Timer app! Simply create a "karate practice" routine in the app, add all of your katas into that routine as untimed activities, and use the app to step through your kata list as you review each kata. You can even use the shuffle feature to keep your training spontaneous.

5 Ways to Maximize Kata Practice

Are you training intelligently? Check out the Aug/Sep 2019 issue of Black Belt magazine for Ernest Cadorin's article about optimizing kata practice.

Cadorin's Karate Blog

Want to learn more about the philosophy and technique of karate? Check out all the interesting content that Ernest Cadorin has shared on Cadorin's Karate Blog.

Dogday Dojo VR Room

Dogday Dojo is a virtual reality environment designed for martial arts training. It exists within Rec Room, a free VR platform that allows you to connect and interact with friends from around the world. Dogday Dojo is the perfect place to meet up with your martial arts friends and do some real training.